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Johnston, IA – April 17, 2017 – Biova, LLC, the leader in water soluble egg membrane (WSEM) ingredients has appointed Pat Schneider as chief executive officer. When asked about the change, Craig Rowles, COO for Biova stated, “Pat is exactly the kind of CEO the board was looking for. Someone who would lead Biova in a new direction and could leverage her extensive experience in the industry to take us to the next level.”

Pat Schneider is a General Management “C-suite” executive with solid P&L experience and expertise in turnarounds.  She has over 35 years in the consumer health and wellness products industry and a strong background in leading existing business units, opening new markets and launching products globally for organizations including: P&G, J&J, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bayer, Herbalife, Metagenics, Twinlab and Nelson Bach. 

She was CEO of Healthy Bizz, a West-coast strategic consultancy focused on “Growing Healthy Profits for Healthy Products”.   Pat provided guidance to start-ups and established companies in the areas of business strategy, marketing, new product development, regulatory and operations for clients in the natural food, nutritional and legal cannabis related market sectors. Pat remains an advisor to members of Canopy Boulder/San Francisco, a mentorship-driven seed-stage business accelerator for entrepreneurs in the legal marijuana industry, and Nutrition Capital Network, an organization that connects investors with high-potential growth companies in the nutrition and wellness industry.  Additionally, Pat writes for several nutritional journals and is a speaker at numerous health and wellness events.

Pat holds a BS in Microbiology, MBA in Finance & Marketing, JD in Commercial Law, is a licensed attorney in California and has actively practiced in the areas of Elder Law and Estate Planning.  

Johnston, Iowa, USA (March 07 2017) — Biova is pleased to announce with Aurora Nutrascience, the commercial launch of exoFlex™. The world’s first liposomal encapsulated egg membrane joint health product. exoFlex™ utilizes Biova’s clinically demonstrated BiovaFlex™  

When choosing a natural joint health supplement, it’s not only the ingredients that are important, or even their dosage size but, how the nutrients get to their targeted areas to start providing results. exoFlex™ is a powerful formulation of potent, synergistic clinically tested nutrients featuring Biova’s BiovaFlex™ water soluble egg shell membrane, encapsulated into all-natural lipospheres. These incredible nano-sized liposomes protect the exoFlex™ ingredients, helping to facilitate a more efficient transition through the enzymes of the digestive system as they make their way into the body's bloodstream.

The body’s joints are basically anatomical structures consisting of two bones, separated by a tough, elastic, shock-absorbing, flexible connective tissue called cartilage. In most cases the cartilage is wrapped in ligaments as well as the tendons of muscles that create the movement at the joints. These articulate joints are found throughout our body providing us with the ability to move. The number one cause of joint pain is osteoarthritis or age related inflammation, wear and tear and the breakdown of cartilage due to strenuous athletic training or injury on the joint structures. These conditions can create a multitude of symptoms including swelling, pain, irritation and a substantial loss of range of motion coupled with the decreased overall function of the joint.

exoFlex™ works by providing Biova, LLC’s water soluble egg membrane ‘BiovaFlex™’ along with select nutraceutical grade nutrients and antioxidants into a liquid oral dosage form. BiovaFlex™ has demonstrated to ‘Reduce Joint Pain’ and increase ‘Range of Motion’ in clinical studies submitted to Health Canada. This potent formula can assist the body to neutralize and decrease the free radical damage while helping to create the building blocks required to aid in reducing inflammation. exoFlex™ can also help to promote the rehydration and restoration of essential joint fluids and tissue, thus improving your overall joint health and quality of life.

According to Heath Canada exoFlex™ Product Licence #80074736:

  • Starts to help reduce pain at 5 days
  • Helps to relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis
  • Helps to reduce stiffness associated with osteoarthritis
  • Helps to relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Helps to reduce blood C reactive protein levels, a clinical marker of inflammation
  • Helps in the development and maintenance of bones
  • Helps in the development and maintenance of cartilage
  • Helps in connective tissue formation


When asked about the new launch, Biova’s CEO, Pat Schneider said that, “We are very excited about the unique system that Aurora & Vida have used to offer BiovaFlex’s™ benefits to consumers. This is a breakthrough in delivery methods and we look forward to how this novel technology will advance joint health for all.”

Phil Bolden, Co-President of Vida Lifescience stated, “Our retail partners are very excited about exoFlex™. Aurora has applied it’s enhanced liposomal delivery systems to an already clinically demonstrated ingredient (BiovaFlex™) and added the benefits of Curcumin, Boswellia, MSM and Vitamin C.  exoFlex™ promises to be a leader in Joint Health Category. Research shows consumers are seeking new products that deliver results without the side effects of traditional options. “

Aurora Nutrascience’s President - CEO Mr. David J. Johnson commented, “working with Biova and their professional team has been instrumental in the utilization of their BiovaFlex™ nutrient in creation of a product that our competition simply could not fathom.  exoFlex™ is a result of the extensive evaluation and development by our lab technicians and represents a very unique and innovative product that offers several improvements over other offerings in the Joint Support & Mobility sector of the market today. In our opinion exoFlex™ is the smarter, scientifically created, all-natural, drug-free solution for people with joint related stress, inflammation, osteoarthritis, tendinitis or other degenerative issues.” 

Johnston, Iowa, USA (November 10, 2016)—Biova® LLC, the world leader in water soluble egg membrane (WSEM) ingredients for joint and skin health applications, has finalized an agreement with UK-based Blagden Specialty Chemicals Ltd. to be the exclusive distributor for BiovaDerm® in the United Kingdom. Blagden will introduce BiovaDerm at the SCS Formulate exhibition, stand #415, November 15-16.

“Blagden’s commitment to customer service is unmatched,” said Allen Levine, international and natural accounts with Biova. “We love their technical expertise, logistics capabilities and track record of success.”

Recently published peer-reviewed research indicates daily use of BiovaDerm reduces the appearance of wrinkles after just eight weeks.

“At the high-end skin care market in particular, there is increasing demand for products which straddle beauty and pharma in packaging and efficacy claims,” said Graham Turton, chief executive with Blagden. “BiovaDerm’s a natural ingredient, rich in collagen and elastin, that’s ideal for formulators and producers of such products. We anticipate considerable interest from customers.”

Founded in 1862, Blagden Specialty Chemicals Ltd. is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals for the UK and Ireland. They offer a comprehensive range of products across key market sectors supported by technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of applications and benefits (Nov

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