Patented Processes, Innovative and Advanced Applications Make Biova The Clear Choice.


 is Biova's patented technology for separating nutrient-rich egg membrane from eggshells. OvaPure™ is an eco-friendly process ensuring the egg membrane's natural nutrient matrix remains intact while leaving minimal calcium residue.


  is Biova's proprietary, patented hydrolyzation process for making egg membrane soluble, while retaining natural nutrient ratios. The Hydro5™ process assures uniform ingredient profiling for consistent formulations and better products.


  natural egg membrane is the world's first—and only—water-soluble egg membrane. Standardized at ≥85% protein, Ovacore's natural nutrient ratio contains beneficial proteins (e.g., elastin ≥20%), collagens (e.g., total collagen ≥20%), and glycosaminoglycans (e.g., chondroitin sulfate glucosamine; total GAGs ≥8%). Hydro5 processing means Ovacore has only minimal calcium remnants for low-ash content. Supported by our benchmark, ongoing research efforts, water-soluble Ovacore proves a perfect natural base ingredient for many cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical, animal health and nutraceutical applications (supplement, plus functional food).

Ovacore is commercially available as branded ingredients for specific target market applications—BiovaFlex® for joint health, BiovaDerm® for skin care and BiovaPlex® for animal health. 

All Ovacore-based ingredients are produced from a 100% US domestic supply source. Biova ingredients are 100% made in the USA.  


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    Discover Why Biova Is The Clear Choice.

    • Patented Technologies—Innovative Ingredients—Better Products
    • The world's leading (and only) water soluble egg membrane (WSEM) for expanded market application
    • 100% US domestic source & mfg.—Global Distribution
    • Uniform Ingredient Profiles—Guaranteed
    • Ingredients and People You Can Trust
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  • Biova’s products, especially BiovaFlex®, perfectly match our company’s goal of providing high quality, leading-edge ingredients to our customers. We also consider BiovaDerm® a valuable addition to our skin health ingredient line, and hold BiovaPlex® in similar regard for animal health applications. Biova aligns well with CCL’s goals of providing both excellent ingredients and excellent customer service.


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