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Biova® Announces Distributor Agreement with Connell Brothers

Johnston, Iowa, USA (September 4, 2013) — Biova® LLC, the world leader in water soluble egg membrane ingredients for joint and skin health applications, has finalized an agreement with Connell Brothers to be the distributor of Biova’s ingredient portfolio in select Asia-Pacific countries, as well as India.

“Connell Brothers’ supply chain management capabilities are unmatched,” said Allen Levine, international and natural accounts with Biova. “We love their market reach, technical capabilities and track record of success.”

A division of Wilbur-Ellis Company, Connell Brothers is the largest marketer and distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients for food, personal care and other industries throughout the Asia-Pacific. Headquartered in San Francisco, Connell Brothers focus on complete supply chain management is supported by its 37 office locations in 17 countries.

“Our nutraceutical portfolio is a high-growth part of our business,” said Alex Grantz, business development manager for Connell Brothers. “Biova’s branded ingredients fit well with our offering.  Water solubility alone is such a clear market advantage—we believe Biova’s egg membrane delivers impressive benefits to our customers and consumers.”

Biova markets a trio of water soluble egg membrane ingredients: BiovaFlex® for joint health products; BiovaDerm® for skin care; and BiovaPlex® for animal health.

Matt Stegenga, Biova’s director of sales and marketing, said it’s Connell Brothers’ commitment to building long-term partnerships that impressed him. 

“We know the market potential for Biova’s branded ingredients is huge. With Connell Brothers’ unparalleled expertise and resources representing Biova, we expect to open many new markets together,” Stegenga said. 

About Connell Brothers 

Founded in 1896, Connell Brothers is a division of Wilbur-Ellis Company and is the largest marketer and distributor of specialty chemicals and industrial ingredients in Asia-Pacific with a keen focus on technical service, customer support, and environmental, health, and safety. Connell Brothers provides complete supply chain management from transportation, documentation, warehousing, and sales and distribution in 17 countries and in 37 offices located throughout Asia-Pacific.

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