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BiovaFlex® Raises Egg Membrane Protein Standard to 88 Percent

Johnston, Iowa, USA (February 28, 2013) — Biova® LLC, developer of patented Hydro5™ technology for water-soluble egg membrane, has increased the standardized protein profile of its BiovaFlex® ingredient to what it believes is a market-leading 88 percent.

“The science indicates bioactivity is tied to the natural, non-denatured egg membrane matrix,” said Matt Stegenga, Biova director of marketing. “The primary composition of this matrix is a natural ratio of complex proteins including glycosaminoglycans, collagen, elastin, desmosine, isodesmosine and transforming growth factor. So yes, hitting uniform 88 percent protein across all BiovaFlex production is significant for us because it’s important for our customers’ products.”

Introduced in 2009, BiovaFlex water soluble egg membrane is made in the USA at Biova’s Iowa State University Research Park facility. Featuring a nutrient rich, uniform ingredient profile, BiovaFlex is used in joint health applications around the world.

“We understand uniform product profiles are essential for product formulation and manufacturing,” said Megan Starbuck, Biova quality control manager. “Our patented Hydro5 process allows us to produce very uniform and pure, low-ash, high-protein egg membrane ingredients across every production run.”

Biova also markets water soluble BiovaDerm® for skin health applications, and water soluble BiovaPlex® specifically for animal health and nutrition. Marketing support programs for all three ingredients are available.

Privately held, Biova applies advanced research and technology to develop innovative commercial ingredients for customers worldwide. This approach has yielded multiple patented processes. Sustainable production, plus partnerships with some of the largest U.S. egg processors, assures Biova the vertical integration, capability and scale to meet virtually any commercial application. Target markets include cosmetic, nutritional, pharmaceutical and animal health product applications.

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