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Biova, LLC. Brings New Board Member on for a Fresh Perspective

Jun 7, 2017 – Biova, LLC., the leader in water soluble egg membrane ingredients, announced today that Dr. Steve Henig, Ph.D. has joined Biova’s Board of Directors. Dr. Henig will bring a wealth of scientific experience in the food, beverage, nutrition and dietary supplement areas.

Dr. Henig has served as the Chief Technical and Scientific Officer of four major global companies in the last 4 decades.  He has a proven track record in building high performance organizations that generated numerous new products and technology platforms enabling innovation and major cost savings. Additionally, he participated and chaired a major US food trade association (NFPA), was a past member of the ILSI and Bionutrics boards, and a professional member of IFT since 1968.

Biova’s CEO, Pat Schneider, who has previously worked with Dr. Henig during her time at Herbalife, was enthusiastic about Dr. Henig joining the board. “The addition of Steve to our Board of Directors will significantly enhance the board’s knowledge in the nutraceutical and dietary supplement industry.”  Dr. Henig, delighted to join as Biova’s newest board member, commented, “I look forward to working with Pat again and providing guidance in the areas of new product development, clinical trial design and R&D.”

Steve holds a BS in Chemical Engineering, MS in Food and Biotechnology, and a Ph.D. in Food Science and has 8 patents, 25 publications, and numerous lectures in corporate, universities, and distributor events.  



About Biova

Privately held and globally distributed, Biova markets water-soluble egg membrane (WSEM) ingredients offering proven health benefits: BiovaFlex® for joint health; BiovaDerm® & BiovaBIO™ for healthy skin, both topically and through nutritional support; and BiovaPlex® for animal health. Biova’s patented water soluble process creates expanded delivery options for consumer products, including functional foods, beverages, multiple cosmetics applications and more. Years of dedicated investment, ongoing scientific research and leading-edge technology are at the core of these all-natural, ultra-pure, nutrient-rich ingredients. A focus on sustainable production, anchored by vertical integration with the largest egg producing and processing partners, assures Biova’s uninterrupted raw material supply—the right combination of access and capability to drive opportunity and growth.

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