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Responsibly Sourced Water-Soluble Eggshell Membrane

A natural solution with multiple benefits

A natural solution with multiple benefits

As our world and environment continues to change, consumers are looking to the companies they buy from to operate responsibly. It is no longer enough to not actively harm the environment, but now we need to be proactive about the healing of our world.

Recycling clearly isn’t enough; we need to find new ways to stop disposing of things. Food waste accounts for billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions going into the environment each year. Supplement manufacturers can help reduce their impact by choosing upcycled ingredients.

Biova pulls from the waste stream of commercial food production. Helping to keep 2 billion eggshells out of landfills every year. Our environmentally friendly eggshell membrane ingredients provide collagen, elastin, glucosamine and chondroitin, all from one source in nature. Clinically proven to provide support for joint and skin health, click here to find out more about how Biova can help you choose a better ingredient for a cleaner world.

The Sustainable Sourcing Imperative

No longer a nice to have… Necessary for brand success in today’s global market!

A third of customers globally (33%)

A third of customers globally (33%)

Choose to buy from brands they believe are doing social or envoronmental good.1
66% of global consumers

66% of global consumers

Say they’re willing to pay more for sustainable brands 2

What is eggshell membrane and how is it sustainably sourced?

  • It is the inner membrane inside the eggshell that would normally be considered waste material from the commercial egg industry.

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    Biova uses a byproduct that had no prior commercial application. It’s an upcycled “green” product.

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    Keeping more than 2 billion eggshells out of landfills annually!

Waste reduction and reclaiming waste material = Carbon footprint reduction







Energy Recovery

Energy Recovery



Energy Recovery...

Eggshells are easier to process once the membrane is removed. The shells are then used for soil and feed supplementation.

Biova works in partnership with some of the largest egg-breaking facilities in the US to reclaim material that would otherwise find no use. Biova specializes in recovering this natural resource and creating specialty eggshell membrane nutritional ingredients for joint health, skin health and pet health, produced entirely from sustainably-sourced eggshell membrane.

Watch our upcycling feature with Nutritional Outlook Magazine

Watch our upcycling Interview Featured on Nutritional Outlook Magazine

What beneficial nutrients are naturally found in eggshell membrane?

Our proprietary eggshell membrane provides a variety of components well known to be beneficial for skin and joint health:

  • Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) – including glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Collagen
  • Elastin
  • Building blocks of hyaluronic acid

Our ingredients are manufactured using a patented, gentle hydrolysis process that yields an ingredient that provides a holistic approach to joint and skin care as well as superior delivery format flexibility.

The end result is four specifically-formulated ingredients to responsibly meet market demand.

...for Beauty from the Inside Out

…for Beauty from the Inside Out

  • Reduces hair breakage and improves hair growth in 4 weeks*
  • Reduces the appearance of crow’s feet in 4 weeks*
  • Improves the appearance of even skin tone in 8 weeks*

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...for Healthy Joints

…for Healthy Joints

  • Reduction of lower back discomfort within 5 days*
  • >4x increased activity levels and ease of performing daily tasks*
  • Over 15% improvement in range of motion*
  • 5x reduction in stiffness over placebo*

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...for Radiant Skin

…for Radiant Skin

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles by up to 60%*
  • Improves moisture retention and hydrates skin*
  • Reduces free radicals and oxidative damage associated with aging*

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...for Your Pet’s Healthy Joints

…for Your Pet’s Healthy Joints

  • Supports healthy skin and coat in pets
  • Increased activity in within 7 days
  • Reduces free radicals and oxidative damage associated with aging joints

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1 Unilever global consumer study, 2017; 20,000 shoppers across the UK, US, India, Brazil and Turkey. https://www.unilever.com/news/press-releases/2017/report-shows-a-third-of-consumers-prefer-sustainable-brands.html
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