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What is egg membrane?

Egg membrane is the thin, proteinaceous layer between the eggshell and the egg white. Biologically, it’s there to work with the shell to protect the egg yolk from outside contaminants. However, unlike the shell, egg membrane is rich in protein and other nutrients known to have many practical health applications.

Where does egg membrane come from?

Egg membrane is a relatively new ingredient. It contains many beneficial proteins and nutrients. Biova’s raw material source comes from a vertically integrated supply chain that can scale to meet virtually any commercial need.

Plus, the egg membrane Biova utilizes is a byproduct of egg production, that had no prior commercial application—it’s essentially a “green” product, reducing the waste that is produced by other food production industries.

What commercial applications exist for egg membrane ingredients?

Biova’s ingredients have been used in numerous health and skin care products. It’s shown to support both human and animal joint health. It’s shown to have great benefits for skin when applied topically and when ingested as a nutricosmetic. It’s an excellent ingredient for a functional food or a functional beverage, such as a sports or beauty drink.

Is egg membrane safe?

Yes. Direct research and a thorough review of published scientific literature yielded no suggestions of possible concern regarding the safety and tolerability of Biova’s eggshell membrane. Additionally, no adverse effects related to the ingredients were observed during any of Biova’s studies.

Are all of your ingredients made in the USA?

Yes. The raw egg membranes are harvested in-line from USDA-inspected and regulated egg breaking facilities right here in the USA.

Biova’s ingredients have no side effects, right?

Correct. Based on extensive studies, egg membrane is safe for human consumption. If you have egg allergies, or are pregnant or lactating, you should consult with your health care practitioner before consuming.

What about egg allergies?

Since our product is 100 percent pure egg membrane, those with egg allergies should consult with their health care practitioner before using/consuming.

Can I take too much egg membrane?

Not if you’re following any known, recommended use directions. Again, if you have egg allergies or are pregnant, Biova recommends consulting with your health care practitioner before using products containing egg membrane ingredients.

Is your product environmentally friendly?

Yes. Biova’s ingredients come from the waste stream of commercial food production. Egg-breaking facilities have long tossed the egg membrane and shells into landfills. Biova’s founders saw that tiny membrane as treasure among the trash. Additional benefit is that the eggshells are then easier to be processed into calcium supplementation for feed and fertilizer – helping to keep over 2 billion eggshells a year out of landfills.

Where can I buy Biova’s ingredients?

Biova works with distribution partners all over the world to provide our unique ingredients to formulators and brand owners. Click HERE to find the partner that services your country.

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