Todd Carlson, CFO

Todd Carlson, CFO

Todd joined Biova’s parent company, Henning Holdings in 2008 providing financial leadership and strategic planning to the 30+ companies within the Henning investment portfolio. Prior to joining Henning Holdings he was the Executive VP for a regional home builder that constructed approximately 500 homes per year. He also worked in several capacities with Maytag; from Branch Operations Manager, leading 360 employees and negotiating with multiple union organizations, to Director of Retail Merchandising, handling an annual merchandising budget of $50M.

Todd holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing from Minnesota State University as well as a Master’s of Business Administration from University of Iowa.

Amanda Jepson, Senior Director, Marketing and International Sales

Amanda Jepson, Senior Director, Marketing and International Sales

Amanda brings over 10 years’ experience in Marketing and Sales in the nutritional and skin care industries. Prior to joining Biova, she was Marketing Manager with Unigen, Inc. an ingredient supplier in the dietary supplement and cosmetic segments. As a multi-talented team member, Amanda has covered all different aspects of marketing, including graphic design, web development and CRM management. She has also been an integral part of sales; contributing through not only sales support and development of needed sales tools, but has also been instrumental in key account sales calls and customer presentations. Ms. Ollenburger holds a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management and an MBA, with a focus in Marketing & Entrepreneurship in each degree.

Randal S. Fitzgerald, Director of Operations

Randal Fitzgerald brings over 35 years of management experience in biological, pharmaceutical and medical device operations to his Director of Operations position at Biova.

He has experience in building and operating international facilities, negotiating relationships with local and national level authorities and establishing operating systems. He is also experienced with centrifugal separation, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, aseptic filtration, pharma water and air systems, cell culture, bacterial culture, lyophilization and sterilization. His direction ensures the highest product quality levels and optimum manufacturing efficiency at Biova.

Randal has a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Iowa State University. He has been the Vice Chair and 6+ year board member of the International Serum Industry Association and 25-year member of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers.

Taiwo Misra, Quality and Regulatory Compliance Manager

Tai Misra joined Biova as the Quality and Regulatory Compliance Manager in September of 2018 and specializes in research, process development and quality assurance.

She brings a wealth of experience to the Biova team and has worked in Quality Control at Continental Manufacturing Chemist, American Natural Treats, Pioneer, Kemin and Frontline Bioenergy. Her oversight, management and leadership are integral to Biova providing the highest quality water-soluble eggshell membranes on the market.

Tai has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Iowa State University and completed additional courses in Advanced Calculus, Abstract Algebra, Biochemical Engineering and Chemical Engineering. She is an ASQ Certified Pharmaceutical GMP Professional, Quality Auditor and HACCP Auditor.

Jacob Beck, Production Manager

Jake joined Biova in 2012 as a Production Technician, learning the ins-and-outs of Biova’s patented manufacturing process until he finally took over as Production Manager in 2015. Jake oversees both the harvesting operations, which takes place on site at one of our supplier farms, as well as production at our plant. Jake’s role at Biova includes project management for facilities improvement and equipment maintenance and upgrades.

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