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BiovaFlex Research Published in Journal of Medicinal Foods

Johnston, Iowa, USA (22 Sept. 15)BiovaFlex®, a water soluble egg membrane (WSEM) ingredient, was associated with improved joint function, increased comfort in daily activities, and elevated physical activity according to a just-published, peer-reviewed research study article. Specific results could be seen in as few as five days.

BiovaFlex is manufactured in the United States by Biova LLC.

The article, “Support of Joint Function, Range of Motion, and Physical Activity Levels by Consumption of a Water-Soluble Egg Membrane Hydrolyzate” in the September issue of Journal of Medicinal Food, is based on research conducted by NIS Labs, Klamath Falls, Ore., USA. The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study showed consuming 450mg of BiovaFlex daily was associated with improved joint Range of Motion (ROM) in multiple  areas including the neck, back, hips, shoulders and knees. Increased physical energy and activity levels were observed.  Subgroup analysis showed reduction of back pain after just five days.

“Research demonstrating quantitative ROM and pain improvements is significant, but the real takeaway is that people feel better when taking BiovaFlex,” said Matt Stegenga, Biova president. “Exercise, every day life, can cause discomfort. The ability to do the daily activities one wants or needs to accomplish is what people value. Showing rapid improvement in back pain after just five days is exceptional in the current natural ingredients marketplace.”

The research also highlighted the importance of a study population with no diagnosis of joint diseases; meaning the improvements were broad, and independent of a person’s identified chronic joint and mobility problems. The article concluded that, with more research, WSEM may hold further promise as a natural support for maintaining quality of life in older populations, athletes and patients recovering from joint and muscle injuries. The complete article can be found at: http://amaorl.dreamhosters.com/research

“Our R&D is always researching technology and partnering on trials,” said Stegenga. “While we don’t always choose to publish findings, we’ve long known from clinical trial data that BiovaFlex holds special benefits. We’re excited to share this study with the public—especially given the substantial marketing support it provides our customers.”

About Biova:
Privately held and globally distributed, Biova is the market leader for water soluble egg membrane (WSEM) ingredients offering proven health benefits: BiovaFlex® for joint health; BiovaDerm® for skin care; and BiovaPlex® for animal health. Biova’s patented water soluble process creates expanded delivery options for consumer products, including functional foods, beverages, lotions and more. Years of dedicated investment, ongoing scientific research and leading-edge technology are at the core of these all-natural, ultra pure, nutrient-rich ingredients. A focus on sustainable production, anchored by vertical integration with some of the largest US-domestic egg producing and processing partners, assures Biova unmatched raw material supply—the right combination of access and capability to drive opportunity and growth worldwide.

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