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Introducing BiovaFlex™, BiovaDerm™ water-soluble eggshell membrane

Biova, LLC Targets Joint Health and Skin Health Markets With BiovaFlex™ and BiovaDerm™ Water-Soluble Eggshell Membrane

Johnston, Iowa, USA; October 25, 2009—Biova, LLC, creators of patented OvaPure™ and Hydro5™ technology, and Ovacore™ water-soluble eggshell membrane, announce the introduction of two new all-natural ingredients for the human market: BiovaFlex™ for joint health, and BiovaDerm™ for skin health applications.

“These are the first domestic, water-soluble eggshell membrane ingredients available to the market,” says Matt Stegenga, director of marketing for Biova. “After five years of aggressive research and development, we’ve achieved uniform product profiles that are ideal for a wide range of joint-health and skin-health product applications.

”Initial laboratory studies indicate the active components in both BiovaFlex and BiovaDerm limit oxidative stress. Recently published clinical research has shown that eggshell membrane supplementation produced a statistically significant improvement in flexibility, with results coming in as little as 10 days.

According to Stegenga, a pilot study for BiovaFlex yielded comparable results.

Stegenga adds, “BiovaFlex is water soluble and standardized to be not less than 85 percent protein—we’ve gone to great lengths to produce uniform ingredient profiles for product formulators.”

BiovaDerm research has shown strong support for connective, epithelial and neural tissue functions, as well as support for healthy skin tonality, moisture retention and vitality functions. Stegenga continues, “Our pilot studies for BiovaDerm provided a positive and sometimes dramatic reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, and the effect was long-lasting.”

In addition to BiovaFlex and BiovaDerm, Biova has developed BiovaPlex™, an eggshell membrane ingredient specifically for animal health and pet nutrition marketers. Marketing support programs for all three branded ingredients are available.

Biova LLC is a privately held company driving groundbreaking research and innovative product development from eggs, naturally. Biova’s advanced R&D capabilities have yielded several patent-pending processes and unique branded ingredient products featuring uniform activity profiles with specific functional market application. A focus on sustainable production, including vertical integration with some of the largest egg producing and processing partners assures Biova an almost unlimited supply of US-domestic sourced raw material — the capability to scale to virtually any customer need or application. Target markets for Biova’s technology and ingredients include cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical, animal health and nutraceutical applications, including supplement and functional food products.

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